Morning Dew

Sitting by the river, the rain comes falling down
smell the air round me, it lifts me off the ground
Thoughts float around me, who I am and where´s my way
listening to nature´s voice, this is the place for me to stay


The water is flowing fresh and clear, the grass is ever green
Music floating on the air, like a never ending dream
Time´s been running backward, like the currents of the sea
and the Morning dew around me, lets me hear this melody

© 2005 chris rasch
Show me your smile

There is silence, full of music
There were shadows, full of light
There were answers, with no questions
There were battles, with no fight

Show me your smile, just for a little while
Show me your smile, for a while

There is passion, with no feelings
There were touches, cold as ice
Conversations with no meanings
There´s a thruth full of lies.

There´s an end with no beginning
There were locks without a key
There´s a race with no finish
But it makes sence to me

© 2009 chris rasch
Lyrics / Poems / Songfood - small collection - nothing is too wonderful to be truth
Look into yourself

Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
You can see my life inside
This Moment is for free

I Look into my soul
I´ll tell you what I see
I see a place, where I´m at home
with no admission fee

This is the place, where I belong
Miles and miles, I`ve walked alone
Life will never stop my feet
As long as my heart still beats

Look into yourself
Tell me what you find
See, if you can read
Whats going on inside your mind

I look into myself
I know what I see
Seeing is the simple part
for all of us its free

© 2005 chris rasch
Just around the corner

The Wind blows through my hair
Blowing away my pain
I keep my eyes wide open
To reminds me, who I am

My heart starts beating faster
I know this precious sound
Emotions start confusing me
I feel them all around

What I was looking for, was just around the corner
Wherever I go, life taps me on my shoulder
What I was waiting for, is happening at this moment
Life is everywhere

The sound of mother nature
Tells me I´m not blind
My inner voice shows me the path
To open up my mind

Memories tell their stories
Pictures fill them out
Now I have discovered
It´s within me, not without

© 2005 chris rasch
Golden Road

There´s a rainbow above you
As far as eyes can see
Open your heart and feel free

When the rain comes down
Feel it on your skin
Open your mind, let him in

Open your eyes and see what´s goin on
There´s an answer for you written in the sky
All miracels you´ll see, comes along
And all sadness on your way, passing by

There´s a truth in your mind
How do you feel
A taste of pure nature - is real

There´s a golden road
Sometimes a letter of regret
Take it from me, what you see is what you get

© 2015 chris rasch
Lost in space

Lost in space
waiting for tomorrow
I´m not sure, where I should go

There are no secrets
No connections, of the heart
Love was just glass, that broke appart

I´m afraid of what I´ll find
Just when something seemed so clear
Please be tender - please be kind
What I need, is what I fear

Lost in you
Waiting for a sorrow
All these pictures from the past

So gimme faith
Let me try my best, to lay to rest
And I will find a way, that leads to you

© 2007 chris rasch
I know

Cold blue rain at my window
Like salty tears in my eyes
Strengh weather at my soul
But it´s not realy a surprise

All passes slowly, when I walk alone
And outside, the wind blows cold
Hours to remember the miles to my home
No one around me to comfort and hold

Faraway from outside, is closer as it seems
Reality takes her own ride, yes I know what it means

Flashlights playin with my eyes
They are dancing like dragonflyes
And all the miracles on my way
Didn`t make me more the wise
(But it´s not realy a surprise)

Im running over the same old ground
Cold comfort for a change
The same old ways, what I found
Are unspeakable strange

© 2007 chris rasch
... more soon