Acoustic guitar solo - collection of instrumentals, years 2005-2008
"I used to paint pictures with a brush, now I paint them with music." Having spent many years on the road performing as a frontman of some bands in diferent styles, Chris Rasch now brings his acoustic guitar and songwriting talent to the forefront with the release of his solo recording Painted Moments. Back to a great love with open tuning. This album not only presents chris´s unique blend of acoustic music with folk, jazz, blues, celtic influences and highlights his vocal, songwriting, and acoustic guitar talents.
What you are looking for exists solely in fiction and seems always to be somewhere else, what you hear is not in harmony with the melody in your head and what you taste is not real...The Album Nomad Land 2006 is a fictional journey away from the blandness and the material bloatedness of daily life, a declaration and a stylistical collage on the right road of inquisitiveness.
We hear the ticking of our life’s clock. Some hear it louder than others. At times you may daily feel newly born and often it seems you are constantly running out of time. Some people have an inner clock and others need an hour hand to orientate themselves to. Einstein had his own theory to convince us of reality. The countdown is already ticking away..
This album is a collection of beautiful songs and instrumentals. Impressions from unforgetable moments and places of his journey. Music does not need a translator. It provides understanding directly. Music does not know any borders. It serves as communication between people. Music resists suppression. It releases and expresses feelings directly. Music cannot be forbidden by anyone. It conquers the hearts of people world wide. That`s no secret!
CD Acoustic Experience
Bestell Nr.: HC 0071
CD Nomad Land
• Bestell Nr.: HC 0063
CD Painted Moments
Bestell Nr.: HC 0061
CD Counddown - Maxi Single
• Bestell Nr.: MAR 005
• Bestell Nr.: HC 0062
CD Secrets
Afternoon in Lissabon
Lost in space
Avalon in the morning
Catch the wind
I´ve got miles to go
Silence between the notes
Faraway from outside
Daily Inspiration II
Sunny side up
After the storm
Nomad land(soundtrack)
Silence beetween the notes
Just arround the corner
Da Vincis vision
The things are closer...
Morning dew
Dancing Unicorn
Let things ride
Moments in Camelot
Look into yourself
Lepracauns lullaby
Daily inspiration
New wings
Moments in Camelot
Daily Inspiration
Afternoon in Lissabon
Shortly after
Moravian wind
After the storm
First  touch
Let things ride
Silence between the notes
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