The way out of the small clubs and cafes was long and difficult. Chris is a songwriter, musician, singer and composer who still represents the same attitude he has always had: speak your mind, deliver a message, and never sell out! A likeable and charismatic musician with rare qualities who has been talked about for years on the scene. As a stylistically authentic and multi-talented musician, he has for many years been a fixed part of the local and international music scene.

The principle of making oneself rare and not playing at every event that comes down the pike, has proven itself once again. He is no longer continuously on tour. He takes longer breaks to devote more time to his songwriting, CD-production, giving guitar lessons, repairing instruments, and as a Graphic Designer who helps to create visual identities for other artists. This intentional interruption of is touring life, has allowed him some time and space to catch his breathe. Now it is about opening up to the public only when there is really something to say. Then it will be found in his songs, on stage, or in the studio.

For many years, two things occupied him the most: avoiding the commercial sell-out and surviving as an individual artist in a band. A sort of individualist diversity in the entertainment industry. When playing live, Chris is usually accompanied by bass, guitars, and drums. He consistently avoids unnecessary effects and elaborate stage shows. He has over the years proven that by simply employing acoustic guitars, vocal harmonies and clever lyrics, one can indeed reach a mass market. Chris is the exact opposite of a “One-Hit-Wonder.” A no-nonsense, charismatic and likeable musician whose career doesn’t know about set-backs - and it is only getting better with age!
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